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 Job change assist/RingMaster

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PostSubject: Job change assist/RingMaster   Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:29 pm

Job change BillPoster/RingMaster



1. Start out by talking to [Assist Drillmaster]Elic in East Flaris. He gives you a simple test to prove your worth. You have to kill 10 Small Aibatts.
Go north of the town.

2. Just located outside the gates of Flaris, the Aibat race is the first ever opponents young Vagrants encounted. Be wary, it has been rumored that they are actually toys of the devil himself.

3. Once you return to Elic, he congratulates you on a job well done and gives you 1,500 penya. He gives you your next instructions: gather materials for weapons. He tells you to get 5 Forforms from Mushpangs and bring them to [Assist Master]Maki in North Flaris. Check your inventory/quest log to see how many of these items you already have. If you have them all, skip down and turn them in.
Get 10 Forforms and go to [High-Dwarpet]Goripeg in North Flaris if you are done collecting.

4. These unusual creatures were said to be created through the chemical reaction of fungus to mushrooms. They are very neutral to travelers but be careful not to provoke them as they do fight back!

5. This is where [High-Dwarpet]Goripeg is. He gives you another 1,500 penya and a Label of Technique. You have to give that to [Assist Instructor]Kidmen, but first you must save the dwarpets from Chaner.
Go to southeast to Madren Town to defeat Chaner.

6. Chaner is to the left right after you cross the bridge. It looks like a big scorpion and is level 15. Once you kill it, go to [Assist Instructor]Kidmen in East Flaris, next to Elic.
Kill Chaner and go to [Assist Instructor]Kidmen in East Flaris.

7. You will give the Label of Technique to [Assist Instructor]Kidmen and then...whoosh! The blue light covers you as you become an Assist! Be sure to take a screenshot to remember this special occasion! As a gift, Kidmen gives you some free cash shop items. You get a Bull Hamstern, a Refresher Hold, an Activation, and a Reskill. The Reskill is only usable by you, since you cannot trade it, sell it, or even put it in your bank. You can use it at any time to reset your skill points. In addition, your stats have been reset.



1. First thing to do is go to [Ringmaster Master]Ellend who is located in Darkon town next to the lodestar. Ellend tells you to prove your hero status by killing 20 normal Drillers.
Fly to the Drillers.

2. They were created to help with construction in Darkon. Their internal circuits were damaged by falling rocks though, and now, not only do they just dig through ground, they want to dig through anything looks alive, hoping they are doing their job correctly.
Kill 20 of the normal drillers and fly back to Ellend.

3. Once you fly back to Ellend, she will give you the Successor of Hero Seal and tell you to locate the Seal Of Aenn, from Ren in Saintmorning at Fantasy Desert. Blink To Saintmorning. Fly to Fantasy Desert to Defeat Ren. Once you defeat Ren he will drop the Seal Of Aenn.
Defeat Ren.

4. Blink to Flaris. Fly north towards the Mas Dungeon Entrace and talk to Clamp the Ringmaster-Wiseman. He's surprised that you have it because it was stolen by Ren a long time ago. the Hero's War. He gives you the Successor of Hero scroll and tells you to to deliver it to Tesha the leader of hired soilders of Kryon
Go to Tesha. Located in East Flarine City.

5. Tesha takes the scroll from you and tells you to go to the Ringmaster Priest Heedan. However Heeden needs you to get The Teardrops of Aenn which was stolen by Hunter X.
Locate Hunter X for teardrop of Aenn.

6. From Flaris go towards the peakyturtles over the ocean into Darkon 1. Hunter X is a giant Trangsforma. He should be easily spotted. Kill him to recieve the Teardrop Of Aenn. Next fly to Heedan.
Blink To Darkon, and Fly To Darkon 3 towards the Cedil area. Hover over image below for map.

7. It's a long flight, but heads toward Darkon 3. Press "M" to load up the map and click on Darkon 3. Look for the "Cedil" area in darkon 3. Hover over the image to the right to see the exact location. Priest heedan tells tells you to go fight the Venel Guardian. Defeat the guardian to obtain the Heart.
Locate And Kill the Venel Gaurdian for it's heart.

8. press "M" on your keyboard. Click on Darkon 3. See at the bottom where it says "Room of Guardian?" The venel guardian is located exactly where the letter "R" begins. Bring some star candy and kill it for the heart. After you defeat the guardian bring it to the Ringmaster Guardian Romvoette.
Fly Further South To The Guardian Sencycrit.

9. Enjoy the moment as you forever say goodbye to the assist class. Walk up the floating bridge and be proud on reaching level 60. Give your yourself a pat on the back. Take a screenshot of yourself before you officially become a Ringmaster and post it in our forum to show off!
The guardian finally appoints you as a Ringmaster. She also ask Aenn the original and first Ringmaster to Bless you. One last advice, "The world will be divided in two: followers of the hero and followers of the followers".
Good luck to Ringmaster hood and your endeavors to be the greatest warrior in all the land. This guide could not have been possible if it were not for Tsunai, a Ringmaster of Mushpoie.


afro lol!


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Job change assist/RingMaster
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