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 How to make a guild

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PostSubject: How to make a guild   Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:25 pm

Everyday somebody ask me in Flyff how to make a guild.
Follow these steps:

Mendacities to make a guild

You Must be a lvl 40 or Higher
A party of 3 members
3 million penya in your Inventory

How to make a guild

First you have to talk to Helena in Saint Morning. She is the public office and she is next to the
little red mailbox in SM town.
After you get a party with 3 members talk to Helena again.

Now that you have created your guild, you need to keep up with the amount of members, the privileges given to these
Guild members, LEVELING your guild, and etc.

After you make the Guild... You have to Figure out a certain name, and choose your logo. Pick a funny, serious, intimidating name, your choice.
In A guild you can let the members of the Guild know what is going on around.

When you set the guild notice have in mind that there is a limit to the amont of characters or letters that you can put in the
little box.

And thats it.

Have fun!

afro lol!


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How to make a guild
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