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 How to lvl up fast

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PostSubject: How to lvl up fast   Fri Jun 06, 2008 7:41 pm

hey guys i gonna teach how top lvl up fast.

1) Make a 3 players party and kill monsters in the same area.

2) When party reaches level 10, change to advance party and switch to level contribution.(Stay in the same area)

3) When party reaches level 12, invite another player near your level (using the 'scout' party skill), which makes him the 4th main party member.

4) Each main party member (4 players) will invite each own partner, a lower or higher level player with at least 19 levels gap. (19 being the maximum level gap). Party members can choose to stay leveling up on the same area or change channels/location.

At this point, you now have 8 members in the party. A full party gives you bonus exp points.

Always make sure the party is full.

Have fun!

afro lol!


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PostSubject: Re: How to lvl up fast   Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:12 pm

thanks!!!!!! you know it really worked!!! i went to people like lvl 61 and they killed a giants and i got like 12% from each!
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How to lvl up fast
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